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Available Works

Always With You

This piece is dedicated to those who have stood by our side through thick and thin. For me, this piece is about my mother, who has given me so much, both physically and emotionally, with a gentle smile, just to see me sprout.


Gilded Dreams

This piece is meant to bring light to the distractions that tear us apart from reality, hindering our ability to work towards our true aspirations. Dreams too good to be true, too captivating to let go, too rigid to let unfold. The weights of these dreams seem harmless at first, but as they begin to accumulate, we find ourselves stuck, sucked into a reality that does not exist.



Emotions exist, yet somehow, sometimes, we are unable to remember how to feel them, good or bad.  On the other hand, life continues on, and those emotions that were once lost are right there beside you, soon to be found again. This piece is meant to bring light to that common emotion of "emotionlessness."


Crown of the Void

She wears her crown, in honor and to embrace. She is the princess of the world inside her head, be it dark, be it crowded. She attempts to block out the noise, yet the call of the void is her inevitable fate. Although these calls are quite loud, she has come to peace with them and wears them with pride. This piece is meant to bring light to the struggle and overcoming of the adversity within one's own mind.


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